Holistic Wellness Self Assessment (HWH-SA)

The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® (HWH) Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment is a tool designed to help you confidentially gain insight into your current levels of wellness across 28 dimensions of health essential for holistic wellness, including six domains designed to provide a snapshot of indicators of your overall personal and professional well-being.

The HWH Self-Assessment measures holistic health in a more sophisticated way than most wellness tests. Drawing upon scientific research into factors that contribute to personal and interpersonal wellness, HWH Founder Dr. Lisa Leit has included dimensions designed to provide a sophisticated glimpse into hidden risk factors likely to strongly influence how you think, feel, and act.

The HWH Self-Assessment consists of 140 statements in randomized order with 5 statements for each of the 28 total wellness dimensions. The response alternatives for each of the 140 statements are: 1) Strongly Disagree, 2) Disagree, 3) Neutral, 4) Agree, and 5) Strongly Agree.

To get the most out of the assessment, please answer each question to the best of your ability. Respond according to how you are doing now and in the last seven days, not how you were before that, may be, or wish you were. If you want to get a meaningful results report, don’t overthink it and be as honest as possible!

This test is not intended to serve as a definitive diagnosis, but rather a broad picture of how you’re doing across these comprehensive dimensions of personal and relationship health. The HWH Self-Assessment tool is designed to raise your awareness by asking thought-provoking questions and examining the degree to which you have reclaimed your life with intention, the health of your relationship to yourself and others, as well as the degree to which you are connected to your passionate purpose, and your willingness to improve.

Using your scores as a starting point, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® will empower you as you improve your life and relationships. If you would like to go deeper, you can work with a HWH Coach and/or take our 6-Part HWH Fundamentals e-Courses.

Emailed results will break down your degree of Happy Whole Humanness by providing a percentage score in each of the subgroups (example: Social Wellness). 75% is considered "passing." What "passing" means is that you are at a level in that area that is thought to be conducive to optimal health.

The 28 dimensions include four overall HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ snapshot domains, which measure the degree to which you are living as a HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN™ overall at this time.

After you complete the test, your results to be emailed to you.

As you learn and measure your growth over time, you increasingly will move towards living a life of radiant health, happiness, and fulfillment. Enjoy!
  • How Happy Whole Human Are You?
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